Monday, March 5, 2012

marchy march...

remember last year how i didn't want to move out of my apartment and i began lamenting it clear back in january?
it's about ten times worse this year.
this apartment this year is affectionately referred as THE DREAM TEAM.
Because we are.
We are a mash of five different personalities that combine together oh too well.
there's never a boring moment.

this year i've been mostly absent from my regular blogging habits. and i'm sorry, but my blogging habits will still probably tend to be more sporadic.

i am happy and content.
i hate moving. packing things into boxes makes me cranky.
but i love the plans that have been made for the next few months and the summer. spring break, the hunger games movie premier, the festival of colors, being an EFY counselor for the summer, just to name a few. and THE DREAM TEAM is still together for a few more months.
gosh, life is so great.