Tuesday, March 27, 2012

hunger games ya'll...

I have a fierce love for The Hunger Games. 
For reals. Those books make me feel like dying inside-in a good way. 
So when the movie came out, the roommates and I were all over the midnight premiere like Katniss on a loaf of burned bread (haha). Armed with our Hunger Games hair wraps, tee shirts, and books, we ventured to the theater to wait for seven hours. Won't lie, I wanted to punch out some kids who tried to cut us in line at the very end. Don't be messing with me and my Hunger Games love. Also, I almost got lynched when I mentioned to some eight graders that I didn't love Peeta the first time I read the book. 
Which brings me to my next point...dudes, we were like the oldest ones in our theater. Surrounded by teeny-boppers up the wazoo. 

 When I first walked out of the theater, I didn't know what I just saw. I just sat there in a dumbfounded silence. I feel like when you watch a movie based on a book that you so dearly love, you need a few days to process it. I wasn't sure if I liked it after I saw it. I was very on the fence. But the longer that I've had time to process and digest, I do really really really like it. The only struggle I had with it was that there was one scene that I personally and so deeply wanted to be in the movie. I understand the reasons why it wasn't placed in the movie completely, but for myself, that scene is so dear and wonderful to me that I couldn't imagine the story without it. 
 But guys, the casting is so spot on. I couldn't find a character that I did not like. The filming is so raw. It's so Hunger Games-esque. If you haven't read the books, spoiler alerts ahead. If you haven't seen the movie, I'll try my best not to give anything away that you didn't know about. 
-I cried. A lot. It might have to do with the fact that I was already emotional, or that it was late, or that it was so freaking heart breaking to watch The Reaping, Katniss before the enters the arena, Rue, and Peeta's sheer love for Katniss. Probably the last one. 
-I renounce my earliest fears about Jennifer Lawrence portrayed as Katniss. Jennifer Lawrence is the MOST perfect Katniss. Amen. 
-Peeta freakin' Mellark. And Josh Hutcherson as Peeta freakin' Mellark. I swear, he's perfection on that screen you guys. I wanted to die-in a good way, every time he spoke or looked at Katniss. 
-The Tributes, especially the Careers are spot on. Cato gives me the heebie jeebies. 
-Caesar Flickerman is hilarious. And Effie and Haymitch are amazing. CINNA IS MIND-BLOWING. 
-The Mutts almost made me pee my pants I was so scared. 
 -Cave Scene. The berries. Peeta hugging Katniss. I DIE.

 I'd like to just write every freaking thing down but that would take days upon days. I'll just leave you with one last thing.

braid touch.

I died.


Lynae Nae said...

ahh, i'm dying to see it! i love the books so much. I'm curious though, which scene wasn't in the movie that you loved so much in the book?

Randi Lynn said...

Okay, I got that out, sorry I can't help it sometimes.
The scene that I love so very very much is at the very end. It's when Katniss and Peeta are sucked up into the hovercraft at the end and he's injured from the Mutts and the doctors are working on him and Katniss is FREAKING OUT and pounding on the glass and screaming. The reason I love it so is that for me, its that moment where I really saw that Katniss is beginning to love Peeta like she should, just like after the berries. And it just goes to show that through all the time they've spent together in the arena, she hasn't forgotten that boy with the bread who saved her and she can't live without him. Even if she hasn't realized it yet.
Wow, sorry, Hunger Games gush-rant over. But I do understand why they didn't put it in the film because they want to build up the romance in all it's entire glory throughout the movies.
And I'm done.

Cristine Garrison said...

i love you.