Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Had a Date...

I had a date, I had a date, I had a date, hey, hey, hey, hey! (Not to be confused with "I've got a pickle, I've got a pickle, I've got a pickle, hey, hey, hey, hey!" Please say you understand my references here.)
But indeed, I had a date. Remember this letter? Well, this friend is home now. And we went on a date. And it was fun. And we basically talked for about five hours. And my face hurt from smiling all night, but I thought it was a good date. Enough of that.
Random story time. So the other night, I set my water bottle on my bed and went to go brush my teeth. I came back to a big
puddle on my bed. It had soaked through my bedspread, my top blanket, my sheet, and my bottom sheet.
Oh, poop.
I wrung out as much water as I could and then I just settled with the fact that I would only be able to sleep on one half of my bed that night. Until it came apparent that I would often make the mistake of rolling over onto the Pacific Ocean that existed in my full size bed.
So I stuffed another blanket in there sleeping bag style and the problem was taken care of.
Never, never, never, leave a full water bottle of cold water on your bed


Ashley Michelle said...

I'm jealous. No dates for me so congratulations! Also...I had the same thing happen to me a few weeks was pretty hilarious. So I understand the situation. :)

Cristine Garrison said...

first off, Little Rascals. Yes, I understood.

secondly, did you know Buckwheat went to my high school? yes he did. he's my sisters age. people would say that line to him all the time. he hated it im told.

thirdly, i can relate to that puddle in the bed story. i did the same thing, except my hubby thought my water had broken and about had a heart attack.

lastly, i want to hear more about this date. it sounds too epic to be only give a few lines....:)

miss dawn said...

DATE! Randi I think we have some much needed story time that is well overdue! . . . I expect it in full detail too- NOTHING left out!

I also had a bed puddle story- Mine happened when a friend of mine left a bag of ice on my bed. went I went to get into my bed there was a huge wet spot right in the MIDDLE OF MY BED! I ended up sleeping at the foot of my bed because there was not other way to escape the wetness!

Miss you! Oh! and I am going to Logan next week, do you have any plans?

_kArLy[*] said...

bahah. if anyone asks me for advice, i'm telling them this.

Amber said...

Sheesh Randi, I thought you were smarter than that

Chels said...

I wanto to hear more about this date:} Duely noted, not bottles on the bed haha love you