Friday, January 20, 2012

majoring in feline habitability... roommate Alisha and I were in Child Guidance today and we were watching a clip about the myth of over-population depicted by stick figures of sorts. So of course, it's talking about how many children each woman should have and then it goes into women who don't have children...they totally had a stick figure woman with cats around her stick ankles. I couldn't stop laughing. Really hard. Pretty sure Alisha and I were bent over laughing in our laps during class.
You see, it is a common inside joke around my family and friends that I self proclaim myself as possibly becoming a cat lady. So cat lady stuff is kind of my favorite. It's terribly funny to me. And then Alisha and I decided we could major in feline habitability. You know, be a professional cat lady with a degree. Think they offer that any where?
In other things, thanks for the kind words over my post below. I have not yet received a letter from my friend in Australia, but all is well. Just as a disclaimer, I am not formally waiting for this fellow down under. He is however, a good friend, a perfect gentleman, and the nicest boy I have ever dated. He also has a habit of popping back into my life now and then and throwing my mind into a tailspin, as evidenced below. I do not know what the future holds and I do not know who is in it, but I do know that my future is in hands much more capable than mine.
Also, feline habitability has a nice ring to it....
Just kidding...maybe.


Emma said...

You crack me up Randi.