Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mud and a Maze

Roommates and I went to family night with our ward last night.
Best thing about fall activities? Corn maze time!
It was drizzling and super muddy.
We kinda slipped around all over the place.
But we finished the maze in half an hour.
"I think we are ready to go pro."
Then we may or may not have gotten some refreshments...after we realized that it wasn't our ward passing our refreshments.
(By the way, we have no idea who those boys are in our photo.)


Chels said...

Hahaha, couple things, wrong ward? Haha ah no biggie free goodies. And boys? Maybe you shouldve gotten names...maybe numbers haha your at college sheesh.

Amber said...

Ha ha!! I love random people just jumping into photos. And I love eating other people's refreshments even more! Good for you ha ha! Love Fall!