Friday, May 13, 2011

Last Night of Eighteen...

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Tonight is my last night of being eighteen. It's a little funny but I was totally freaked to turn eighteen last year. I even cried on my birthday. But this year, it feels a little surreal that my birthday is tomorrow. I love birthdays at my home, they're filled with a lot of special treatment and a lot of acknowledgement from my parents. So believe me, I'm not a birthday hater.
But...I may be one of those odd people who get a little nostalgic on their birthdays. I loved being eighteen. To me, seventeen meant being invincible, eighteen meant freedom, and nineteen...well I don't really know what nineteen will mean to me. More freedom? My last teenage year? Serious decisions? I hope it doesn't take me too long to find out.
Eighteen. 18. That double digit number brought me a lot. Sometimes I forget that my age is so young because there are times when I feel older than those numbers. I loved being eighteen. My eighteenth summer was one of the best summers I ever had.
Here's to being eighteen. To late nights, summer romance, long walks, drive in movies, screaming at the top of your lungs, breathing in mountain air, driving too fast, and turning the radio all the way up.
Dear nineteen, treat me well.


Ashley Michelle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 19 is a fantastic year if I do say so myself :)

Chels said...

Love love love this post. So good. You will love 19! Haha, Im not even gonna wish you luck, your just gonna love it. Happy Birthday Fransisco, I love you:]

Sharde said...

happy birthday girl! i can't even remember what i did on my 19th. seriously. i think that might be a problem! sober i swear.