Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Beginning

For a long time I've thought about starting a blog but because I wasn't married or didn't have kids I kind of figured that I didn't have much to write about! But here's to starting a new chapter of my life that's a little more blog worthy. I graduate in May which is very exciting but a little unsettling at the same time. I'm a little afraid of flying out of the nest! I'm starting at Utah State University in the fall and I'm super excited! It's kind of funny because I always planned at going to BYU-Idaho and being close to home. I applied to Utah State as a back-up school and then I got accepted to both. What a dilemma. Finally, after a lot of praying and thinking and then some more praying I made my decision and its never felt more right. I think it might be a little hard at first but I'm ready to try some new things like moving away from home (two hours away)and living with people I don't know. College just sounds so exciting and new and fresh! I know it'll take a little while to get used to but I'm ready for it.